Succulent mania

The fact is that succulents are among the most popular indoor plants in the world. And this is not for nothing, they are perfectly suited in any interior and are known for their easy maintenance. If you forget to throw them away, your spontaneity will easily endure – your portions of water he can patiently wait for the whole month. However, if you are too careful, you will distract him with frequent attention and watering you, heavily damaging the plant. The continually damp earth for many succulents is a real disaster.

There are about 10 thousand in the world. succulent species. To list them all, you would need the tallest catalog. However, succulents are classified into certain larger groups.

  • Leafy succulents accumulate water in thick, juicy leaves. This group includes various types of agaves, tinplates, aloe vera, mushrooms, lycopods, etc. Plants are quite commonplace and well known in our countries.
  • Stem cells use their stem as water booths. That is why they are usually thick and fleshy. This group includes stapelas, stalks, and many cacti. It is said that this group has more than 2,000 succulent species. Some plant researchers believe that this figure is much higher.
  • Root succulents keep moisture under the ground. The most abundant and most striking plants in this group originate from a very large family of scallops, covering up to 7,500 plant species. Of course, not all scalloped plants are succulent – the latter have about 650 species. By the way, spinach spiny tombs come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including conifers. That is why they are quite often confused with cacti.